The Idea! Wrestling Match Framed To Get His $12,000?

Ironwood Daily Globe – January 15, 1927

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Characterizing his arrest here Thursday night as a “clear case of attempted blackmail,” Jimmy Londos, Greek wrestler, declared in a statement late Friday that he intended to “fight this thing out” to prove to his friends and the wrestling world that he is innocent.

Londos was taken into custody at the conclusion of his bout with Joe Komar, of Lithuania, here Thursday night. The warrant charged Londos with larceny by trick scheme and device in connection with an alleged mythical match at Jackson, Tenn., two years ago. The warrant was signed by a magistrate on the authority of an affidavit made by Mike Cassaras of Jackson, Miss., to the effect that he had been defrauded of $12,000 which he placed as a wager on the outcome of the alleged fake match.

Londos was at liberty Friday night under bond of $5,000.

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