Pepper Gomez Girds For Lou Thesz

Houston Chronicle – August 21, 1955

Pepper Gomez, one of the greatest Texas champions wrestling has had, gets a chance at the world’s heavyweight title when he meets Louis Thesz in the most important main event of the year at the City Auditorium on Friday night.

Gomez, in top shape after his grueling triumph over Duke Keomuka in a marathon match last week, promises to continue the same pace against Thesz in Friday’s battle.

Both men will have first-class advice from the corner for Friday’s test. Black Guzman will handle the challenger and his first-hand knowledge of Lou’s style is expected to pay big dividends. In the opposite corner will be the veteran Ed (Strangler) Lewis to handle the champion.

Matchmaker Frank Burke has come up with a top-flight card of prelims, including a pair of the country’s top midget wrestlers, who will appear in the nontelevised opener.

Duke Keomuka, anxious to get back in the win column after his terrific clash with Gomez last week, faces the biggest man in the mat game when he meets Tarzan Mike. Mike is also anxious to step into the main event slot and figures to go all out against the Duke.

Mr. Moto, also after a convincing win, meets the youngster who has captured the fancy of the fans here with a trio of wins, Wilbur Snyder.

Rito Romero is due to have a tough job on his hands when he faces George Bollas in the second scrap.

A pair of mighty atoms rip loose in the pace-setter when Sky Low Low, rated as one of the world’s best athletes, pound for pound, meets England’s mighty midget, Lord Clayton Littlebrook.

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