McKenzie In Tag Wrestle

The Age – December 3, 1964

Tex McKenzie may be the dominant figure in an international teams tag match heading the wrestling programme at Festival Hall on Saturday night.

Last week, McKenzie, 6 ft. 6 and 21 stone, was matched with former world heavyweight champion “Killer” Kowalski (U.S.A.), and up to the half-distance showed remarkable strength, skill, speed and versatility.

Then, caught off guard, McKenzie was thrown by Kowalski over the ropes into the ringside seats and suffered a back injury that prevented him from continuing in the bout.

This week, McKenzie will have the opportunity to avenge himself on Kowalski.

McKenzie will be partnered by world champion Domenico De Nucci against Kowalski and Buddy Austin, of California.

It is certain that McKenzie will concentrate on out-wrestling and out-roughing Kowalski and, with very competent assistance from De Nucci, whose job will be to deal with Austin, a fierce bout, should end with McKenzie and De Nucci the winners.

Bouts in a strong supporting programme will be: “The Mongolian Stomper” against Denis Hall (Australia), Emil Dupre (Canada) v. Larry O’Dea (Ireland), Dale Lewis (U.S.A.) v. Al Woods (Australia), and George Manousos (Greece) v. Bruce Wyatt (Australia).


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