It Was No Snap For Billy Jack, But He Did Dim Nagasaki’s Lights

St. Petersburg Independent – March 21, 1984
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – Billy Jack was as good as his word.  He had announced publicly he was going to do a number on Kendo Nagasaki in their Lights Out Steel Cage match at the Sun Dome last night.  He succeeded, but it wasn’t easy.

Nagasaki got off to a bad start, missing some poorly aimed karate moves, which made him angry, which always makes him dangerous.  Finally, he just gave up the scientific approach and landed several old-fashioned kicks to B.J.’s midsection.  With the advantage his, he kept the pressure on and appeared to be on the way to winning.

But then he made a small mistake.  He tried a claw-hold on Billy Jack’s very muscular neck but couldn’t keep it, and the advantage suddenly was back in B.J.’s corner.  Even J.J. Dillon, using Nagasaki’s stick, couldn’t stop Billy Jack.  And when Dillon poked the stick through the cage, hoping Nagasaki could slam Billy Jack into it, the maneuver went the other way and Kendo hit it instead.  The pin then was easy for Billy Jack, and the match was over in 12:09.

In the semifinal match, Dusty Rhodes and Hacksaw Duggan spent a few minutes in a fast-paced First-Blood, Loser-Leaves-Town-For-One-Year contest.

Duggan tried to box Rhodes to draw blood, but Rhodes kept his guard up and landed several elbows that staggered Duggan.  Then Rhodes slammed Duggan into the referee, which momentarily stunned the official.  Buz Sawyer grabbed that opportunity to jump in the ring and land a solid punch to Rhodes’ head.  When the ref recovered, he saw both men bleeding and before he could sort out who bled first, Rhodes downed Duggan with two elbows and made the pin in 5:12.

In the other matches, Barry Windham and Mike Graham barely managed to defeat Mad Dog Sawyer and Kharma; Black Bart lost to Mike Rotundo on a disqualification; Hector and Chavo Guerrero defeated Mike Davis and Chief Joe Lightfoot, and the One Man Gang defeated Dennis Brown.

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