Thursday Mat Program Ready

The Deseret News – April 13, 1948

The complete layout of matches for the Coliseum wrestling card Thursday night, was announced this morning by Promoter Jim Downing, as follows.

The Red Devil, 235, residence undisclosed, vs Floyd Hanson, 220, Salt Lake City, two out of three falls, one hour time limit.

Helen Hild, Chattanooga, Tenn, 128 vs Mae Young, Youngstown, O. 132, two out of three falls, one hour time limit.

Frank Hewitt, 215, Chattanooga, vs Ralph Morley, 222, Ogden, one fall, 30 minutes time limit.

Promoter Downing chose Hanson from among his available heavyweights as the man to stop the Red Devil and his rampaging hereabouts.  The mystery man has won three consecutive bouts, and appears to be one of the best wrestlers displayed here in a long time.  Hanson, a grappler of the old school, appears capable of unmasking the invader.

Miss Hild, conquerer of Dotty Dotson last week, will have her work cut out for her to stop Miss Young, former drop kicker on her high school football team and a natural all-around athlete.

Thursday’s show starts at 8:30 p.m.  Tickets on sale at The Mint Café.

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