Thesz Winner When Rogers Is Disqualified

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – December 31, 1955

Heavyweight champion Lou Thesz successfully defended his National Wrestling Alliance title against last night when his opponent, Buddy Rogers, was disqualified for failing to break a hold in the main event of the Mississippi Valley Sports Club’s card at Kiel Auditorium.

It was a rough match all the way with the 6,362 fans cheering both Thesz and Rogers as they took turns knocking each other out of the ring.

Then as Thesz was climbing back into the ring, Rogers clamped a headlock on the champion and wouldn’t break it even though ordered to do so by referee John Turner. Rogers wound up on top of the champ in the center of the ring, but not until Turner had ordered the bell rung and handed the match to Thesz.

SEMIFINAL MATCH — Pat O’Connor, 235, Wellington, New Zealand, won from Ike Eakins, 266, Harlan County, Ky., when Eakins was counted out of the ring. Time–20:25.

THIRD MATCH — (Four-man tag team bout) Mighty Atlas, 221, Hollywood, Cal., and Stu Gibson, 230, Louisville, Ky., won two out of three falls from Bobby Managoff, 240, Chicago, and Johnny Kostas, 220, Athens, Greece. Atlas pinned Kostas with a full nelson to win the first fall in 15:57. Managoff pinned Gibson with a body press to win the second fall in 6:55. Gibson pinned Kostas with a body press to win the third and deciding fall in 11:12.

SECOND MATCH — Dick Hutton, 240, Tulsa, Okla., pinned Joe Millich, 218, St. Louis, with an atomic drop. Time–9:43.

OPENING MATCH — Ed Gardenia, 250, Rome, Italy, pinned Don Lee, 290, Del Rio, Tex., with a body press. Time–7:08.

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