Jones, Evans Wrestling Victors

The Victoria Advocate – February 4, 1954

Referee Marvin Jones, who turned wrestler for the night, and Don Evans were the winners of Wednesday night’s double main event grudge bouts at the Sportatorium.

Jones was declared the winner when Angelo Savoldi was disqualified and Evans’ arm was held high in token victory when a head injury forced Larry Hamilton to default.

Savoldi was disqualified for jumping on the front of Jones’ neck in the third fall action after Angelo had won the first with slams to the turn-buckle and a body press; and Marvin had copped the second with a body press following a flying spin off the ropes.

When it was announced that Savoldi had been disqualified, Angelo raised a violent squawk.  He swung at Referee Julian Johnson, traded blows with Jones and when Marvin chased him from the ring, he grabbed the ring steps and threatened to throw them at Jones.  Then Promoter Ray Adcock and the police intervened.

The Hamilton-Evans scrap provided most of the excitement.  Larry won the first fall with a surfboard hold but Evans got even when he threw Hamilton out of the ring.  The fall cut Hamilton’s head, drew so much blood that Larry was unable to continue.

To open the program, Dennis Clary and Dick Hutton traveled 20 minutes to a draw.

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