Cannon Defeats Carkeek

The San Francisco Call – December 5, 1899

LIVERPOOL, Dec. 4. – Tom Cannon defeated Jack Carkeek of the United States in this city this evening in a contest for the Graeco-Roman wrestling championship.  A purse of $1000 was offered.

2 responses to “Cannon Defeats Carkeek

  1. what age did tom cannon die and where thanks Rgds David (great grandson)

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      Thanks for commenting, David. It is always an honor to have descendants of these legendary wrestling figures visiting this site for information on their loved ones.

      I am having some trouble finding much info regarding Tom Cannon’s death, though. I will do some more thorough searching to see if I can come up with anything. If I find it, I’ll post it. Otherwise, I will for sure have more general information on Cannon’s wrestling career and life as I find it.

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting!

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