Krone Moves Wrestlers To Outdoor Ring

Chicago Tribune – June 21, 1931

Open air wrestling makes its debut tomorrow night at Mills stadium, 4700 West Lake Street, where promoter Doc Krone will present five heavyweight matches. The first contest starts at 8:15 o’clock.

In one of the wind-up matches, Frank Bronowicz, Polish matman, takes on Jim McMillen, the former University of Illinois football player. In the other, two of wrestling’s largest men, Hans Steinke of Germany and Indian Jim Clinstock of Oklahoma, will meet. These two bouts will be one fall to a finish.

Nazzarino Poggi, youthful Italian, makes his first Chicago appearance against Karl Pojello.

Another German, Milo Steinborn, will try his famous bear hug on Jack Washburn of Hollywood, Calif. Jack Smith of Chicago faces Marshall Blackstock, a citizen of Atlanta, Ga. Jack will spot his foe 20 pounds.

Steinke and Bronowicz have an edge in experience over their rivals, but they are not so heavy. Steinke had the distinction of being the largest man in wrestling until Clinstock, former Haskell Indian football player, came along. Bronowicz and Steinke have been in the wrestling business for ten years, twice as long as McMillen and Clinstock.

Poggi comes here with a good record made in New York. Pojello is a master at bridging.

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