Tarro Miyake, Champion Jiujitsu Wrestler, And Henry Irslinger, Likely To Be Matched

Lincoln Daily Star – December 6, 1914

Henry Irslinger 12-6-1914

New York, Dec. 5 – Though the wrestling game is not extremely popular just now, there is some talk of a match that will attract much attention if held, as seems likely.  Tarro Miyake, who calls himself champion jiujitsu wrestler of the world, is trying to arrange a match with Henry Irslinger, middleweight champion of the world, at catch-as-catch-can.  Miyake has been in London for several years, where he met all comers and threw them all.  He is matched with George Bothner, welterweight champion of the world for a bout December 14, when Miyake will try to throw Bothner three times in an hour.  This is a hard task, as Irslinger can testify, as he tried it a year or two ago and failed.  Should Irslinger and the Jap meet it will be under catch-as-catch-can rules, and their weights will be about the same, something in the neighborhood of 165.


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