Pro Wrestling

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – March 12, 1984

Jim Duggan won the first blood match in a pro wrestling program at Robarts Sports Arena Sunday.

Duggan scored a referee’s decision over Dusty Rhodes, and Rhodes failed to last the necessary five minutes against Kevin Sullivan, thus giving the match to Duggan.

In other matches, Ron Bass and Black Bart were disqualified in 15:27 in the U.S. Tag Team match against Billy Jack and Barry Windom.  Mike Graham was awarded a decision over “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer due to outside interference.

Despite his obvious weight advantage, One Man Gang was caught in a rolling reverse and defeated by Mike Rotondo in 8:55.  Hector and Chavo Guerrero defeated Chief Joe Lightfoot and Mike Davis when Chavo pinned Davis with a press in 11:54.  In the opening match before a near capacity crowd, Kharma stopped Dennis Brown in 6:39.

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