Dusty Rhodes’ Karma Failed Him In This One

St. Petersburg Independent – January 25, 1984
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – Dusty Rhodes will do about anything to get Kevin Sullivan in the ring with him, and last night at the Sun Dome he wrestled the mysterious Kharma for that opportunity.  The agreement was that if he beat Kharma, he would get 30 minutes with Sullivan.  He didn’t beat Kharma, but he did get about one minute with Sullivan.

Rhodes lost an early lead when Sullivan grabbed his legs and held him while Kharma tried to rearrange his face.  Although Rhodes was in trouble, he was never out of commission, and he suddenly started using everything he could think of, good and bad.

The tactic was effective, but the referee kept trying to get Rhodes to stop the illegal activity.  Rhodes was too angry to listen and eventually tossed the ref through the ropes twice.  After the second time, he pinned Kharma and was jumped by Sullivan.  That’s about what Rhodes was hoping for, because he quickly put Sullivan in a Figure 4, leaving Kharma lying on the mat.  The problem was, the referee disqualified Rhodes for tossing him out of the ring and gave the match to Kharma.  Time was 6:42.

In the semi-final match, the Yellow Dog and Cowboy Ron Bass wrestled in a Return Dog Collar Match.  Bass had defeated Yellow Dog in a similar match at Lakeland last Saturday night.  The wrestlers wear dog collars and are connected to one another by a chain.

After a bad start, Bass took the lead and was enjoying his advantage, maybe too much.  He got careless and that’s when the Dog moved in and tried to head-butt with Bass.  It didn’t work well enough to put Bass down, so he quickly put a reverse chancery on Bass and made the pin.

In other matches, Blackjack Mulligan defeated Kendo Nagasaki and his manager, James J. Dillon, in a Kendo Stick Death Match; Billy Jack, Mike Rotundo and Mike Graham defeated the One Man Gang; Black Bart and Hector Guerrero, Mike Davis defeated Inferno No. 1; and Chief Joe Lightfoot defeated Mr. Olympia.

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