Threatens To Ban Wrestling In State Because 200-Pounder Fell Into His Lap

Indiana Evening Gazette – May 20, 1925

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., May 20 (INS) — Because a 200-pound wrestler dropped into Judge Eugene C. Bonniwell’s lap last night during some wrestling bouts at the Adelphia Arena here, the future of the wrestling game in Pennsylvania is threatened.

The city magistrate had a ringside seat when Mike Romano of Italy and Tom Draak met before the final bout. Suddenly, the two wrestlers were out of the ring, one of them rolling in the judge’s lap.

Judge Bonniwell demanded of the referee, Herman Wolf, that the bout be stopped.

Wolf told the men to continue.

Draak collapsed, according to witnesses, in the center of the ring shortly after the magistrate made protest. The head locks Romano applied to his opponent were too much for Draak.

Judge Bonniwell carried his threat to outlaw wrestling in this state to William H. Rocap, chairman of the State Boxing Commission. Mr. Rocap refused to comment on the subject until he held a further conference with the judge.

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