Greatest Scrap In Years Thrills Wrestling Throng

The Lewiston Daily Sun – March 4, 1933

In the most grueling wrestling match probably seen here in years, Al Mercier, husky French-Canadien from Montreal last evening threw the colored sensation, Regis Siki, after more than an hour of nip and tuck battling.  The bout ended a thrilling feud which started a week ago when they went 30 minutes all even in a semi-final.

Bibber McCoy had little trouble with Andy Brown, substitute for Stanley Pinto winning with a flying tackle in 18 minutes or so while Tarzan Taylor gave Frank Dutcher plenty of punishment, this pair battling tooth and nail for a solid half hour without a fall in the bout that carried all the wide-open action on the program.


But the fans could talk nothing else except that masterful exhibition between two giants of the mat, a duel that looked as though it might go on until both men collapsed before one would throw the other.  The entire card was a thriller but it was this main bout that had them buzzing.  On every tongue it was an expression of “best bout I ever saw”; “what a pair of well matched wrestlers” and one fan chimed in as he found his way to the street “forget it?  Say, I’ll never that one as long as I live”.

All of the more popular holds of the mat were used by both men with the unorthodox tactics kept to a minimum.  But for a few head butts by Siki which annoyed Mercier no little bit and some hard smashes by Mercier with his fists doubled, the pair stuck strictly to legitimate wrestling.

No Referee Needed

There was hardly any need for a referee.  The wrestlers seldom got tangled up in the ropes and when they did, they broke at once and cleanly.  The pair worked for over 20 minutes at one stage without once needing a referee to break them up for anything at all.

Siki introduced a new one to the fans, a fore-arm headlock in which he clasped his hands behind Mercier’s neck while the two were in the referee’s hold.  Applying the pressure, the negro would slowly pull the Frenchman down to the floor and then proceed to inflict neck-twisting punishment galore.

Mercier tried flying tackles but Siki went down on them.  He was caught the first time in a flying scissors but managed to wiggle out of it.  Siki didn’t take as much punishment as he gave out for he managed to slip out of most of Mercier’s body and head scissors while the toe holds used by the Franco were a bit more difficult.

Display of Power

At one stage earlier in the bout, the two put on an exhibition of great strength which was a marvel and finally resulted in Siki coming out on top after Mercier had seemed to have the edge for a couple of minutes.

They had wrestled well over an hour and it seemed as though it might go the 90 minutes time limit without a winner when Siki started a series of Beall’s which made things look pretty dark for the ex ball player.

The fans and Siki were rather looking for Mercier to come up with a flying tackle but Regis took care not to throw Mercier so that he could rebound off the ropes.  Crowding in close, the Negro was picked bodily off the floor, spun rapidly around and then slammed solidly to the floor with Mercier on top for the fall via a body slam.

Time of Fall 1:09:47

The exact time for the fall was one hour, nine minutes and 47 seconds and according to the rules of the American Wrestling Association, one fall decides the match if it comes after the first hour of wrestling.

As a result of his fine showing against the sensational negro, it would not be surprising if Promoter McGee signed up Mercier as the opponent of Ed Don George when the world’s champion shows here on March 17th.

The semi-final was a good bout but McCoy was much too smart for Brown.  Some good wrestling cropped up here and there but McCoy started a series of flying tackles which did the damage in 18 minutes and 40 seconds

Action In Prelim

What had the fans yelping though was the Tarzan Taylor-Frank Dutcher tussle.  Tarzan was more of a bad-man than any of the alleged villains of the mat who have shown here this year.  He pulled hair and ears, bit and punched and gouged eyes.  In fact he gave Dutcher just about the worst treatment the local man has received in one night for a whale of a long while.

But when Tarzan cut the fooling, he showed plenty of ability.  He did a whale of a lot of wrestling and deserves a big bouquet due to the fact he not only had to wrestle Dutcher but some clown of a referee who Promoter McGee picked up somewhere and shoved in to handle two of the bouts.

The match had hardly started when Taylor threw Dutcher out of the ring but before it was over, both men were outside the ring hitting the floor several times.

Took Punishment

Once when Taylor was coming back into the ring, he climbed up to the top rope in a corner and took a swan dive at Dutcher who stepped aside and Taylor sprawled full-force on the floor.

Dutcher got all the breaks from the referee.  He was accorded protection when he came back into the ring while several times, Taylor wasn’t given a fair chance to get inside the ropes.  When the pair got tangled in the ropes, it was Taylor whom the referee assaulted with punches and the like to break them up.

Tough Officiating

And while Taylor was guilty enough of his strangle holds and other bad stuff, he got socks from the referee when he was legally hitting with the fore-arm and had a head-lock on the chin.  When it was over, Taylor’s back was a livid red from the pasting handed him by the referee.

Many of the fans felt as though the Tarzan would have been justified had he heaved the ref out of the ring after it was all over.

Fritz Peterson was given a fall over Young Gotch of Biddeford in 16:12 with a flying mare and back fall although Gotch’s shoulders weren’t to the mat required three seconds.

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