Al Mercier To Oppose World’s Champion Don George Here Next Week

The Lewiston Daily Sun – March 10, 1933

Ed Don George 3-10-33

Ed Don George, heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, will defend his title against Al Mercier of Montreal in the feature event of an all-star wrestling program which Promoter John McGee has lined up for City hall a week from tonight.  It will mark the second appearance of George in this city but his first visit here as a champion.  Indications point to a record crowd at City hall as Mercier has shown in his recent performances here that he is capable of giving the champion a good run and extend the title-holder to the limit for the benefit of local fans.

George is a popular champion in about every section of the country except Portland where he dislocated Pat Fraley’s wrist to win a match there the other night.  The athlete is probably the handsomest wrestler in the game and has a great following among the fair sex as well.  In his bout here with Raoul Simon last winter he displayed plenty of ability and made a great hit here.  As champion of the world, he should be the card to break all attendance records for sporting events in the local City hall.

Underneath, McGee has lined up a rugged program which features all well known mat performers.  Cowboy Jack Wagner is coming back again and he meets a newcomer locally in Hans Bauer, rugged German who is known in this section of the country as the “German Oak.”  Bauer is of the type of mat performers to show Wagner at his best and will be a welcome relief as the Cowboy has been pitted against the “bad-men” of the mat in his previous showings here.

Pat Reilly of Texas, that  gentleman who plays so well to the gallery, comes back after a year’s absence against another actor in a top-preliminary as he is paired with John Spellman of Providence, R.I.  This should be a regular “Royal Family of Broadway” and will provide the fans with a bold relief to the other matches, in all probability.

Frank Dutcher is on the program again meeting another stranger, one Joe Romo of New York.  The main event carries the customary stipulations of two falls out of three to win with a 90-minute time limit.  The next two have 30 minute time limits with one fall to win and the curtain raiser is a 20 minute affair.

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