Wild Bill Longson Battles McCready Oct. 6

Sports Pointers, St. Louis – October 6, 1944
By Johnnie O’Hara

What Earl McCready failed to accomplish in two separate attempts, he hopes to accomplish twice on the same night, October 6, at Kiel Auditorium, when he meets the Champion Bill Longson in a two out of three fall match for the title.

In his two losses, McCready points out that he was on the short end of the decisions, both times by flukes. He feels that the Champ’s luck won’t be good enough for two fluke falls in one match, and he has something there.

Wrestling experts are puzzled over McCready. By all measurements he should be champion. He has the background that few wrestlers can boast. McCready has been wrestling since he was able to walk. When ready for college he chose the school famous for its wrestling teams and matriculated at Oklahoma A & M. Here he became one of the school’s legendary figures. Wrestling teams that came after McCready’s graduation constantly were told of Earl’s great feats, as football hopefuls at Missouri are told about Pitchin’ Paul Christman.

In professional circles McCready advanced rapidly to several titles, but has never held the American heavyweight championship, although the Canadian and British Empire crowns have been his. McCready is confident that he is the best heavyweight in the game today. Certainly he is the most scientific grappler of the dreadnaught class.

McCready pays tribute to Longson’s ability as an opportunist. He says that he has met men just as rough and tough as the champion but that they missed going to the heights because they did not have the ability to seize an opening when it presented itself. “That,” says McCready, “is the secret of Longson’s success. I’ll try to leave no openings for Bill this time, and since it will be two out of three falls, he will have to watch himself so that I don’t get him off guard.”

The protagonists are much alike. Both weigh around 240 and are of approximately the same height. The similarity does not end there for they are as much alike in countenance that they could pass anywhere as brothers.

Longson, asked to pick the best man he has met, without hesitation, named Earl McCready. Big Bill said, “I’ve beat him twice, but the wins were both too close for my own comfort. That guy knows everything there is to know about the game. Yes, I expect to win again, but you can say for me that McCready is no pushover.

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