Manlapig And Travis To Meet On Mat Program

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – January 12, 1948

Ted (Tiger) Travis and Pantaleon Manlapig have been signed for a non-title match to headline next Sunday night’s pro mat show at the Civic Auditorium, promoter Al Karasick announced.

The Hawaiian junior heavyweight belt holder returned to local mat wars Sunday night in a torrid skirmish with Ivan Kameroff, powerful Russian star, while Manlapig polished off Ali Hassen in the semifinal.

Travis had to call on all his rugged stamina and fortitude to finish on his feet. Travis won the only fall of the match with his “corkscrew” leg twist after 32 minutes and 45 seconds of roughhousing. After that it was all Kameroff.

Manlapig also had a tough battle on his hands but finally subdued Hassen with arm whips and a press. It took the Filipino Hercules 11 minutes and 52 seconds to apply the clincher on the barefooted Turk.

Maurice Chappelle and Tony Felice clashed in a torrid exchange, but Felice’s unruly and wild tactics forced referee (Rubberman) Higami to disqualify him and award the verdict to Chappelle.

Jimmy Gonsalves scored a surprise decision over Julius LaRance. Gonsalves’ aggressiveness and LaRance’s unnecessary rough tactics swayed the referee’s decision in favor of the local boy.

Abel Rodrigues made Mike Casey yell “uncle” to a Boston crab in the curtain raiser, the submission fall coming in 14 minutes, 40 seconds.

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