Lou Thesz Beats ‘Strangler’ Ed Lewis

Bremerton Sun – September 14, 1945

A good-sized crowd last night saw Ed (Strangler) Lewis, massive ex-heavyweight wrestling champion, drop two straight falls to Louis Thesz of St. Louis, big army private now stationed at Fort Lewis, as the mat game came back to Bremerton.

The Sportsmen’s Club, with Vic Sinkunas as matchmaker, brought the Lewis-Thesz match here to headline its first card. By winning, Thesz maintained his record of never suffering defeat in the local ring.

Lewis was in top shape despite his years, but Thesz was easily the more powerful. Following the match, Lewis praised Thesz’ ability but declared that Cliff Gustafson, his protege who may soon show here, is a better man than Thesz — and will prove it!

In the lower half of the double main event, Rube Wright, big Texan, scored over Hal Rumberg, army corporal from McChord Field. It was a thriller.

Antone Leone, Oyster Bay, N.Y., and John Walker of Chicago battled 30 minutes without a fall in the opener.

Another pro card is scheduled next Thursday, with the lineup of bouts to be announced soon.

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