Yukon Beaten By Dick Hutton

Niagara Falls Gazette – July 31, 1956

For the second week in a row Yukon Eric missed out on winning the $1,000 offered by Dick Hutton for a fall in the first 20 minutes of their bout.  Hutton also failed to collect the same amount offered by Yukon on the same basis in their feature clash in the Niagara Falls, Ont., Arena wrestling ring last night.

And for the second week in succession Yukon was beaten.  After winning the first tumble with an “icicle” hold in 27 minutes, he lost the second when drop-kicked out of the ring in five minutes. His knee was injured in the fall and he was unable to return to action, forfeiting  the third fall.

Tex McKenzie downed Fritz Von Ulm with knee drops in the semi-final.  Roberto Pico and Sammy Berg drew.  Pat Flanagan finished off Jan Gotch with mule kicks and a shoulder stand.

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