Snyder, Thesz Battle To Draw Before 8,853

Chicago Tribune – July 7, 1956
By Frank Mastro

Wilbur Snyder, national television wrestling champion, and Lou Thesz, former National Wrestling Alliance titleholder, battled to a one-hour draw last night in the International Amphitheater.

A crowd of 8,853, which included Frank Gilmer, Illinois Athletic Commission chairman, and his guest, Andy Rascher, chairman of the Indiana Athletic Commission, cheered both performers at the conclusion of the grueling struggle which failed to produce a fall.

Thesz was on defense for a good part of the battle, but managed to avert trouble. Referee Stan Sarbarneck, a lieutenant on the Chicago police force who serves as physical education director at the Central station, preserved order throughout the scrap.

The gross gate was $24,825. Other results:

Angelo Poffo beat Don Pollock, 8:30, Italian neck breaker; Sheik of Araby beat Nick Bockwinkel, 11:32, Arabian sleeper hold; Bill Melby beat Benito Gardini, 11:45, Cobra twist; Australian tag team of Reggie and Stan Lisowski beat Hans Schmidt and Dick the Bruiser, 15:22, and disqualification of Schmidt-Bruiser after the Lisowskis won the second fall in 7:10.

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