Snyder Beats Schmidt, And 7,132 Cheer

Chicago Tribune – June 2, 1956

Wilbur Snyder retained his national television wrestling title last night in International Amphitheater much to the delight of 7,132 spectators who saw him win two of three falls from Hans Schmidt of Montreal.

Snyder, former football star, won the first fall in 17 minutes and 16 seconds with the successful application of an abdominal stretch. Schmidt took the second in 9:42 with a combination of holds termed by the ring announcer as scissors, back breaker, and body press.

But Snyder prevailed just when all seemed lost, pinning Schmidt in 8:57 with something called a cobra twist. Gross gate was $18,000. Other results:

Reggie and Stan Lisowski beat Sheik of Araby and Angelo Poffo, two of three falls.

Dick the Bruiser threw Bob Orton, 13:47.

Bill Melby threw Billy Goelz, 23:30.

Rose Roman threw Ramona Te Selle, 12:17.

Don Pollock threw Zack Malkov, 16:14.

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