Ivan Gorky, Poppenheim Split Match

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – January 21, 1952

There’s trouble a-brewing at Fairgrounds Arena.

The Gorky brothers’ claim to fame has been squelched for the second time by arrogant Kurt Von Poppenheim, as Ivan Gorky failed to win Monday night over the powerful Prussian in an action-filled one-hour battle that ended in a draw.

Previously, Von Poppenheim thoroughly trounced brother Soldat Gorky after one rushin’ Russian claimed he would end the German’s long-run winning streak. Ivan was after revenge Monday night, for his brother’s defeat, but failed to come up with more than the resulting two-fall draw.

Before a near-record crowd, Gorky gained the initial fall with his famous Siberian wolf-leap after a fast bit of action on the ropes. Von Poppenheim returned the favor with his tried and true back breaker-back stretcher combination. Both grapplers tried to gain the deciding fall in the remaining few minutes, but time ran out before either accomplished the feat.

Another headliner, the Swedish Angel, met rangy Bill Parks in a special handicap, semi-windup event. The Angel, not to be confused with the famous French Angel, Maurice Tillet, agreed to down young Parks twice within 25 minutes or else forfeit the match. The Angel was only able to gain one fall from the muscular Canadian, however, accomplished with a series of chin flips and a body press.

In the opener, colorful Ben Sherman battled Marcel Ouimet, French flash, to a no-fall, 20-minute draw.

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