Hammerlock King Taken To The Cleaners

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – September 13, 1951

The mighty exponent of the hammerlock, Jack O’Reilly, met his match Monday evening (Sept. 10) at Fairgrounds Arena as Carl Engstrom of Minnesota took a two out of three falls decision from the Australian grappler.

Engstrom, 24, was born in Sweden but moved to Chicago with his parents at an early age. He attended DePauw University and was an excellent amateur wrestler and acrobatic dancer before turning to professional wrestling.

The first fall went to O’Reilly as Engstrom was forced to give up the round. The Aussie applied a series of hammerlocks, combined with such mat mayhem as slamming Engstrom into the padded turnbuckles holding the ropes in place.

The newcomer to the Northwest gained the second fall, however, forcing O’Reilly to give in to the intense pressure he applied. The fall was gained on a crab hold by the young Swede. He then returned to take fall number three with the tried and true combination of an airplane spin closely followed by a body press.

Because Buddy Jackson who was scheduled to appear in the opener, did not materialize until just barely time for the match, the semi-windup match between popular Jack Kiser and newcomer Kurt Von Poppenheim took place first. Von Poppenheim, resplendent in his cap-type robe, monocle, spade beard and short haircut, proved to be a “villain” type. The only fall was taken by the German matman, forcing Kiser to surrender with a back stretcher hold.

Plenty of action was shown in the match scheduled for the opening spot, as Kenny Mayne took a one-fall decision from Jackson, the muscular young Negro from Columbus, O. On the receiving end of several shoulder butts from Jackson, Mayne flipped the newcomer over, applying a body press for the fall.

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