‘Survivor’ Foes May Wrestle In Rematch

New York Post – August 31, 2000
By Joe Rubi and Bill Hoffmann

The lady “Survivor” losers who hate each other’s guts could be coming back to TV – in a no-holds-barred wrestling match.

Three wrestling groups are said to be wooing Kelly Wiglesworth and Susan Hawk for a grudge match.

The depth of the bitterness between Susan, 38, and Kelly, 23, emerged in the final moments of the top-rated CBS show last week.

Susan accused her rival of betrayal and raged: “If I were ever to pass you along in life again, and you were laying there dying of thirst, I would not give you a drink of water. I would let the vultures take you!”

She then called Kelly “a rat” and labeled the show’s winner, openly gay corporate trainer Richard Hatch – who won the cool $1 million prize – “a snake.”

It was one of the most intense moments of the summer “reality” series, in which 16 castaways were jetted to a secluded island and then proceeded to vote one contestant off each week.

Over the past few days, the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling each have reportedly approached the oil-and-vinegar pair to wrestle.

ECW promoter Paul Heyman told The Post his group is actively pursuing the match.

“I would love to have it. Obviously, we want to have these two women go at it,” said Heyman, who wants to air the match Oct. 1 on its “Anarchy Rulz!” pay-per-view show.

But ECW faces stiff competition from the bigger, Stamford-based WWF and Atlanta-based WCW.

A WCW spokesman confirmed the match was being considered. And it was reported on the E! channel that the WWF has made the women a hefty offer.

Hawk, a tough-talking truck driver from Wisconsin, and Kelly, a river guide from Nevada, also fueled the possibility of a mat match when they appeared yesterday on CBS’s “The Early Show.”

“Me and Kelly are talking about – we might still take it out in a ring. We want to get a tapioca wrestling match,” Hawk told host Bryant Gumbel, referring to the much-hated food the islanders were forced to eat so often.

“Tapioca wrestling, yeah,” Wiglesworth added.

“And the first one to make the other swallow tapioca wins,” Hawk concluded.

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