Roland Kirchmeyer Disqualified In Battle With “Crusher” Casey

The Evening Citizen, Ottawa Ont. – November 11, 1941 

Irish Matman Delights Fans With Sensational Opening Fall. Earl McCready Shows Power in Win Over Lee Henning. Tom Casey, Bill Hanson in Draw. 

Corporal Steve “Crusher” Casey, U.S. Army, staged a minor “blitz” at the Auditorium last night and gave big Roland Kirchmeyer a wrestling lesson to the delight of a crowd of about 2,000 fans. After the Irish grappler won the first fall. Kirchmeyer came back to take the second but he was disqualified after five minutes of the third session and lost the bout. 

Despite Kirchmeyer’s rally, Casey won the match with his sensational opening fall. He never backed up from the Oklahoma Oak at any time and traded blow for blow whenever the going got very rough.

In the opening bout Tom Casey, younger brother of the “Crusher,” wrestled a 30-minute draw with Bill Hanson while Earl McCready exhibited his great power by tossing Lee Henning into defeat in the semi-final.

Steve Goes to Town. 

After being dropped heavily when Kirchmeyer tossed him with a couple of flying mares, “Crusher” opened up in the main bout and toppled his giant opponent with a reverse dropkick, a very pretty piece of business. He followed up his advantage with a series of elbow smashes and then bounced Kirchmeyer about the ring with Killarney flips to set him up for the first fall at 19:27.

Kirchmeyer evened matters just 15 minutes later when he picked Casey up and smashed him over his knee in back-breaker drops. It took four of them to do the trick but they produced the tying fall.

The final session was fast and exciting. Kirchmeyer hurled Casey from the ring twice and then both of them toppled through the ropes. Finally Kirchmeyer caught Casey and applied the back-breaker drop but Referee Fred Bourguignon took a hand when Kirchmeyer insisted on pulling Casey’s hair. Roland the Rogue switched his attack to the referee and won a disqualification at 5:25.

Easy for Earl. 

In the semi-final McCready shook off Henning’s attack and tossed the Iowa boy almost at will. But Henning managed to get in a few licks of his own and finally drew the full wrath of McCready’s power. Big Earl simply crashed a few elbows into Henning’s face and then crashed him with body slams to win at 21:10.

Main Bout. 
Steve Casey, 225, won over Roland Kirchmeyer, 243 ½. Casey, first fall, 19:27; Kirchmeyer, second fall, 15:00; Kirchmeyer, disqualified, 5:25.
Earl McCready, 237, defeated Lee Henning, 230, one fall, 21:10.
Tom Casey, 210, wrestled 30-minute draw with Bill Hanson, 220.

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