Jimmy Londos Beats Shikat

Atlanta Constitution – June 7, 1930

One Fall Wins Match

20,000 ‘Gang’ Ring As Scrap Ends

PHILADELPHIA, June 6–(AP) Jim Londos, Greek grappler, defeated Dick Shikat, Philadelphia, in a one fall title match at the Phillies ball park tonight. Shikat, who had been recognized as worlds champion by the Pennsylvania and New York athletic commissions, weighed 217 pounds. Londos scaled 200.

Londos won the title with a body hold after they had tugged and hauled at each other for 1 hour and 23 minutes. The finish came suddenly and unexpectedly to many of the 20,000 who witnessed the bout, a moment after Shikat had sent Londos to the rain-soaked mat twice with body slams.

As the referee slapped Londos on the back indicating that the champion had been pinned, hundreds attempted to climb into the ring, and police rushed inside the ropes to keep the ring clear.

Up to the moment of the finish, there was little to choose between the grapplers. The tide of battle apparently changed from one to the other and after they started on the second hour there was nothing to indicate which way the match would end.

Both exhibited all the tricks of the wrestling game, and at times elbows, thumbs, feet and teeth were brought into play as well as the old rabbit punch.

In preliminary bouts, Tiny Roebuck, Indian grappler, threw Jack Washburn, Chicago, in 5 minutes, 44 seconds; Pat O’Shocker, Philadelphia, beat Ray Steele, California, in 16 minutes, 36 seconds with a back body hold, and Rudy Dusek, Omaha, won a 30-minute decision over Jim McMillen, Chicago.

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