Americus Holds Gotch to Single Fall in an Hour

The Washington Times – January 10, 1908

Bouts Abound in Clever Work – Gus Fails to Hold.

BALTIMORE, Jan. 10. – Frank Gotch, champion heavyweight wrestler of America, undertook to throw Gus Schoenlein (Americus) two falls in one hour last night and failed.

Gotch won the first fall in forty-one minutes, but failed to win the second one in the remaining nineteen minutes.

The contest was held at the Germania Maennerchor Hall, which was packed with spectators.  What little betting was done was at even money that Gotch would not gain two falls.

As an exhibition of wrestling the bouts were beautiful, abounding in some exceedingly clever work.

Well Developed.

A more perfect specimen of manhood than Gotch would be hard to find.  He weighed 206 pounds and did not carry an ounce of superfluous flesh.  Unlike most wrestlers, arms, legs and back were perfectly rounded, and there was conspicuous absence of outstanding muscles, such as wrestlers and weightlifters develop.  A more equal distribution of proportions could hardly be found in a human being.

Americus weighed but 175 pounds, but he also was all muscle.  The difference in weight and reputations caused the match to be a handicap one.  The conditions were: Catch-as-catch-can style, pin falls off the mat only to count, Gotch to throw Americus twice in one hour; intermission between bouts, fifteen minutes; falls made by Americus not to count; referee, Harry Jeffries.

Out of Danger.

Americus set the crowd wild after twelve minutes of clever work by getting out from a crotch and neck hold which Gotch had fastened on him.  Gotch then got busy and some fast work ensued, the crowd yelling instructions to the local man.  Gotch tried for a toe hold and Gus kicked away.  For the only time during the bout there was then some rough work.

From then on to the forty-first minute Gotch was busy and kept Gus strictly on the defensive.  In the fatal forty-first minute Gotch got a crotch and half-nelson and forced Americus’ shoulders to the mat.

Fast Toward Finish.

After a fifteen-minute intermission the pair went at it again.  Though Gotch wrestled fast in the final five mintues, he did not throw his man and when the nineteenth minute had expired such yelling, jumping and throwing of hats have seldom been seen at Germania Hall.  At the end of the nineteenth minute both were on their feet.

Everyone was pleased with the exhibition, though many were skeptical as to whether or not Gotch had put forth his best efforts.

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