Terror Trims Taylor; Whipper Watson Draws

Globe & Mail – November 8, 1940
By Ed Fitkin

The reign of Golden Terrorism that has engulfed Toronto’s wrestling realm since Bob Weatherly hove in sight caught Frankie Taylor, the Hollywood mat-inee idol, in its tentacles last night at Maple Leaf Gardens. The handsome people’s choice fell victim to a hammerlock and slam after giving his 303-pound combination of Charles Laughton and Billy Bunter a merry old melee for forty minutes.

The Terror, even more repulsive than in his debut last week, came back from the shadow of defeat to beat Taylor with a rare assortment of illegal tactics that found favor with only one person — the Terror. The crowd of 3,000, stirred into fancy fervor by Taylor’s determined stand, suffered, but not silently, as the hulking, leering “villain” took advantage of his victim’s injured left arm to pulverize him.

The Terror used Taylor’s curly black locks to get away to a hair-raising start, but after a series of hectic exchanges, during which time both men were heaved out of the ring three times and referee Cliff Worthy had been floored twice by the villain, the handsome young Hollywooder suddenly gained the upper hand.

Employing his southpaw elbow smashes, which are just as effective as portside elbow smashes, Taylor floored the Terror and apparently had him down. The crowd, cheering very zestfully, vacated their seats expectantly.

But, no. The Terror came back. Even meaner than before. He dug pepper from some inner recess, blinded Taylor. Then he rammed him into the corner post of the ring a couple of times and pummeled Taylor’s left wrist against the solid iron supports. By this time Taylor’s arm was useless and his efforts to fend off the villainous thrusts of his foe met with no success. A hammerlock and slam finished him off at 40:17.

Just before the main bout, King Kong Cox was introduced from the ring. Back from a three-month expedition to Australia, and boasting a thin black mustacheio, Cox said: “I heard Frank Tunney had some tough wrestlers up here. I’m sure none of them could me me raise a sweat.” He’ll probably find out.

Whipper Billy Watson didn’t come up with his sixth straight victory in his promotion to semi-final billing, but he earned a host of new friends by holding Juan Humberto, the Mexican jumping bean, to a 30-minute draw. Both grapplers kept up a steady pace, packed plenty of action and good wrestling into their efforts. Watson’s Irish whip had Humberto in difficulty several times, but he got out of each tough spot by fair means or otherwise.

California Don Evans made a strong debut, beating Bobby Roberts in eleven minutes with a headlock and hip throw. K.O. Koverly rendered Elmer (The Great) Eastup hors de combat with elbow smashes after eighteen minutes, and Sandy O’Donnell rocked Jake Patterson to sleep with his amazing cradle roll in a little more than ten minutes.

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