Pet Brown Meets Irslinger

El Paso Herald – May 17, 1920

Texas Star To Appear Here

PET BROWN, Houston, Texas, star, retired middleweight champion of the world, who recently made a comeback by defeating Charles Rentrop at catchweights, will appear in El Paso May 25 against Henry Irslinger, of Omaha.

Pet Comes Here Soon.

Business manager Johnny McIntosh, of the El Paso wrestling association, made the above announcement Sunday night following the receipt of telegrams of acceptance from both Irslinger and Brown for the engagement.

Irslinger is at present in Omaha and has been on the trail of the local matchmaker for several weeks in an effort to land a match with either Brown or Rentrop.  Now that the Alsatian has been eliminated by the Texan he is willing to meet Pet at catchweights.  Brown is now at his home in Cisco, Texas, but will arrive in El Paso within the next few days.

His latest victory over Rentrop occurred Friday night at Houston when he downed Charlie with a Japanese leg hold in one hour and 50 minutes.  Rentrop could not continue the match after the injury and it was awarded to the aggressive southerner.  Pet’s friends are all enthusiastic over his comeback and there is little doubt that a delegation will accompany him to El Paso.

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