Mat Ranks In New Mixup; Dean Wins

Los Angeles Herald-Express – July 8, 1937
By E.W. Krauch

Olympic Auditorium wrestling is in another giant mixup this fair summer day.

In fact, the “Grunt and Groan” boys, the fans and even the officials of the California Athletic Commission, are more scrambled over ideas after what happened during last night’s main event between Man Mountain Dean and Sandor Szabo than a couple of eggs in an omelette.

Dean on the decision.

He had his hand hoisted by referee Dick Rutherford, who was so dizzy at the time that a merry-go-round at full speed would have looked like music that goes ’round and ’round.


Well, here are the dizzy, dizzy details:

Szabo is mad. He is awful mad because Dean has been botting him down in the bread basket like a guy playing soccer football.

And while in that state of mind, the Hungarian backs the M.M. into a corner and proceeds to give him some hooting himself — with his fists.

Referee Rutherford tries to halt these uncouth tactics and naturally Szabo’s dander is up higher than a balloon.

He immediately shows why there’s always a prospect of war over in Europe by turning on the neutrality committee of one. Szabo drops his attack on Dean picks up Mr. Referee and throws him out into the front row seats, where Rutherford lands with much anguish on his trousers.

And while this is all going on the Man Mountain comes back to life, gives Szabo another well directed boot with his knee, sends him spinning to the canvas and before the Hungarian can say “uncle,” or whatever wrestlers say, he pounces on him with a Jesse Owens’ running broad jump.

Meantime, the dizzy referee climbs back into the ring and, finding Man Mountain on top of his foe with Szabo’s shoulders pinned on the canvas, awards the fall to the giant, bewhiskered hillbilly.

Well, a near riot follows.

Szabo is so mad that he wants to tear the whole building down. He not only fights with anybody who is in sight, but he also takes a series of Sundays at referee Rutherford which would put Joseph Louis to shame.

And Rutherford, picking himself up like a hot potato, says Man Mountain wins hands down.

After a while the M.M. leaves for the dressing rooms and Szabo chases him down the runway with a chair, yelling louder and making more wild signs than a mountain hillbilly on the warpath.

According to Rutherford’s manner of figuring things, the Man Mountain was the winner, not only for having Szsabo pinned to the canvas, but also because Rutherford’s whiskers got a couple of shocks when Szabo’s fists connected thereon.

However, getting down to brass tacks, the following arguments must be listed:

1. Dean started the rough stuff.

2. Szabo got sore because the referee stopped him from retaliating.

3. Dean made a running broad jump, which is strictly under ban by the California Athletic Commission.

4. Szabo slugged the referee. That’s against the rules, too.

5. So, what?

Maybe they can arrange a rematch and let Sid Marks referee. He was the guy who finally managed to get Szabo calmed down enough so he would leave the ring.

The uproar from the fans — it was a Szabo crowd — was still ringing through the rafters as Gus Sonnenberg and Vincent Lopez climbed through the ropes for the windup.

It looked like a near-riot for a while, but as Gus the Goat and the Mad Mexican slammed, butted and knocked each other over the canvas in a wild melee the fans finally calmed down with Lopez nabbing the verdict.

Sonnenberg won the first fall with a flying tackle in 16:51. Lopez took the second when Gus missed a tackle and fell to the canvas in 5:52, while Lopez nabbed the third and deciding heat in three minutes.

In other bouts: Gino Garibaldi defeated Pat Meehan in 14:55 with a face lock, Jimmy Sarandos won from Dick Lever in 7:19 with a body slam, Ignacio Martinez trimmed Bobby Stewart with a leg breaker in 8:52. Nick Lutze and Jules Strongbow went to a rough draw, while Ted Key pulled the big surprise of the evening by tossing Baptiste Paul in 6:56 with a flying tackle.

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