Ira Dern And Waino Ketonen Will Do Some Tussling For Title

The Deseret News – April 19, 1922

Ira Dern Waino Ketonen April 19 1922

Ketonen Proves High-Priced Wrestler

Elks Figure Fast For Bout With Dern

AFTER much preliminary financial skirmishing Waino Ketonen has finally agreed with the Elks to meet Ira Dern, but he wanted for his end of the purse more money than any two wrestlers ever received in Salt Lake for one match before.  He also insisted that Dern must weigh in at the middleweight limit of 160 pounds the day of the match.  The Ketonen figure was so high that it took a lot of planning to meet it, but yesterday the Elks finally agreed to every demand of the champion and signed him to a contract to meet Dern again.  But the Elks insisted and carried their point, that neither man may wrestle in any match before they meet for the Elks on the evening of April 28.

The match will be given for the benefit of the Charity fund of the local lodge and will be staged under the auspices of the athletic committee of the organization.  Because of the terrific demands of Ketonen, and to give the Elks a chance to swell their charity fund, Wrestling Promoter Harry Heagrean stepped down and out for the match, declared himself on vacation, turned all of his props over to the Elks and told them to go to it.  Because of the magnitude of the affair and the tremendous interest in it, the match was moved from the Salt Lake theatre to the Orpheum, which was obtained through special permission from the New York offices.

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