Szabo Conquers Hagen

The New York Times – March 16,1935

Tosses Rival From Ring To Win At Stauch’s Arena Last Night

Sandor Szabo, 214, conquered George Hagen, 212, in the feature finish wrestling match at Stauch’s Arena, Coney Island, last night. The victor tossed his rival from the ring in 23:12 and Hagen was unable to continue.

In the semifinal, Abe Goldberg, 204, threw Ernie Stevens, 212, in 13:26 with a flying tackle. Frank Bronowicz, 216, pinned Tex Morgan, 275, to the mat with a body slam and crotch hold in 13:10 of another battle.

Bill Middlekauf, 225, gained a thirty-minute decision over Mike Romano, 208; Rube Wright, 225, threw Jim Henry, 235, in 16:18 with an airplane scissors, and John Swenski, 204, defeated Walter Underhill, 204, in other bouts. Underhill was unable to continue after being tossed from the ring in 11:52.

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