Poppenheim Defeated By Ivan Gorky

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – January 31, 1952

Kurt Von Poppenheim, the proud Prussian, finally met his downfall Monday night (Jan. 28) at Fairgrounds Arena in the person of bewhiskered Ivan Gorky, who gained a two-fall victory via the foul route.

The first fall was taken by Von Poppenheim with his “German back breaker” – a combination back breaker and back stretcher, a submission hold frequently used by the Prussian.

Gorky, however, wasn’t put out of commission as readily as his opponent calculated. The Siberian grappler climaxed two minutes of slam-bang action with a body press, after clamming Kurt’s head into the ring turnbuckle several times.

Gorky was well on his way to another fall when the enraged Von Poppenheim picked the rushin’ Russian up and threw him from the arena, landing on the concrete floor amidst a group of surprised ringside spectators.

Referee Glen Detton looked with disfavor upon these violent ring actions and awarded the fall, and match, to the very groggy Gorky, calling a foul on Von Poppenheim. Gorky had to be carried to the dressing room as a result of the fall.

The semi-windup match saw bouncing Ben Sherman down Gino Nicolini in the only fall of the bout. Forty-two-year old Sherman gained the fall in 19 minutes, downing his Buffalo, N.Y., opponent with a reverse crab hold.

In the opener, York Cretorian (John Cretoria) made his local debut with aplomb, taking a one-fall victory from Marcel Ouimet.

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