Pedersen Meets Champ At Auditorium

Oregon Journal – April 7, 1954

A confident challenger and a capable champion come to grips in the Auditorium tonight and it’ll be Eric Pedersen as party of the first part and Lou Thesz as party of the second part when they wheel into action.

Thesz, who doesn’t usually develop a peeve at any rival, is slightly miffed at Pedersen’s claims to greatness and the usually polite and quiet St. Louis, Mo., resident insists he’ll pull the “body beautiful” apart, muscle by muscle.

Pedersen, who has clamored for a second whack at Thesz ever since he first crossed the champion’s path almost a year ago, is bent on proving to Ed (Strangler) Lewis, Thesz’ manager, that he made a mistake when he told Eric to hunt up a new pilot.

So, with neither man liking each other and both in sound physical condition, their brawl just could develop into a wild one.

Thesz has age and weight and experience as his top assets, but in Pedersen he encounters a dangerous, determined rival. Eric has made rapid strides in the past year. He knows more than he knew the last time he met the champion and he has an idea that Thesz has slipped a bit.

Their bout is the top one on a six-match card which will get under way at 8:30 o’clock. General admission ticketrs will go on sale at the Auditorium at 7 p.m.

The rest of the card follows:

Luther Lindsey vs. Con Bruno; Pepper Gomez vs. Chet Wallick; Kurt Von Poppenheim vs. Juan Hernandez; John Paul Henning vs. Don Kindred; Gene Detton vs. Dale Kiser.

Pre-match interest indicates the crowd may exceeed the 4,800 who saw Thesz defeat Lindsey 10 nights ago.

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