Myers, Hamilton Beat Hawk, Mighty Atlas

St. Joseph, MO., News-Press – January 19, 1957

This time Mighty Atlas and Rip Hawk can’t squawk.

St. Joseph’s Sonny Myers and Larry Hamilton soundly defeated Atlas and Hawk in last night’s feature wrestling match at the Auditorium.

Over 3,000 persons cheered the local favorites as they took the tag-team bout by winning the second and third falls.

Atlas pinned Myers with his famous sleeper-hold in 18 minutes to take the first fall.

With the help of one his old holds (the atomic drop), Myers finally pinned Atlas with a smother in seven minutes.

Myers and Hamilton used terrific teamwork in pounding Hawk with headlocks and forearm smashes during the final fall.  Finally Hamilton used a rodeo headlock and smother to pin Hawk at the eight-minute mark.

Fierce and smart wrestling dominated the bout which settled any doubt that Atlas had a week ago about a quick-count decision.

Joe Dusek defeated Jack Pesek by taking the first and third falls of the semi-final match.  It was a rough bout all the way.

The special event found Johann Koenig keeping his record clean with a solid win over Jack Dillon.  He used four giant tackles and a smother after Dillon had jumped the bell at the start of the match.

Bruce Ozenberger and Jim Lake fought to a 15-minute draw in the opener.

The “Night Terror” will wrestle a still un-named foe here next week.

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