Daviscourt Knows Too Much About Wrestling Game

Wichita Eagle – April 30, 1925

Dick Daviscourt won from Milo Steinborn, the “Strong Man” wrestler, in straight falls at the Forum Wednesday night, taking the first in 49 minutes with a double wristlock and the second in 19 minutes with a headlock. Daviscourt’s science proved superior over Steinborn’s strength. The match was featured by a lot of lively exchanges, however.

Earl Clemmings of Wichita, a protégé of Ad Santel, won the semi-final, beating Link Decker of Enid in 23 minutes with a scissors in a fast match.

The main event would have been a hummer if Steinborn had known just a little more about wrestling. The weightlifting champion was as strong as an ox, fast as a lightweight on his feet and tossed Daviscourt around with abandon. But he didn’t know what to do with a hold when he got it.

The “Flying Dutchman” stayed with Daviscourt more than an hour because of his great defensive ability and pure strength. Time and again he threw Daviscourt across the ring and out of the ropes and broke a toe hold by simply kicking out his massive leg. His only good hold was a headlock and that wasn’t good enough to seriously worry Dick.

Daviscourt tried the strong man stuff himself once when he picked up Steinborn and threw him heavily to the mat. Steinborn showed the fans some new stunts in bridging when he raised his head and body under Daviscourt’s massive weight.

Ed Mosely won a one-fall preliminary from Gearing of Hutchinson in 13 minutes. Ernie Lynn refereed the bouts.

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