Daviscourt Beats Browning In Two Of Three Falls

Wichita Eagle – April 18, 1925

Dick Daviscourt proved his supremacy over Jim Browning and earned the right to be called Wichita champion by flopping Browning two out of three falls in their wrestling engagement at the Forum Friday night. Daviscourt won the first and thrid falls. He demonstrated a better knowledge of the game, plus greater speed and science most of the way.

Browning started well and reached his peak in the second fall, which he won after hounding Daviscourt all the way. But the rest of the time Daviscourt was simply too cunning for his younger opponent.

Daviscourt won his falls by direct agency of the headlock, assisted by other holds. The first came in 45 minutes with a headlock which was turned into a double arm lock. Browning won his fall with a scissors after wearing Daviscourt down with a series of headlocks. Daviscourt won the last and deciding fall in 12 minutes, when he crashed Browning to the mat after evading a headlock and simply rested his massive bulk on the stunned Browning.

The fans who love the ups and downs of the modern rough and tumble wrestling were well satisfied with the match. There was plenty doing all the time, in and out of the ring. Daviscourt was thrown through the ropes innumerable times. Browning demonstrated flashes of strength but not of endurance. The youngstered showed that some day he will make a great wrestler, but is not yet ready to cope with Daviscourt’s size, science and lasting powers.

The crowd was about equally divided and there was a big uproar at the end of each fall. Most of the fans seemed to give Daviscourt the edge, but a lot were pulling for Browning, who had entered the ring as the “underdog.”

The bout was enlivened by a great number of headlocks, probably the most ever seen here in a match of the same duration. Browning had at least a dozen on Daviscourt in the second fall. In this period, Daviscourt seemed to have lost all his former cunning and was on the defensive all the time. He might have been playing with Browning, but if he was he carried it too far for he lost the fall when Browning caught him with a fine head scissors.

The preliminary went to Henry Steinborn, a “strong man” who made a big impression, beating Clarence Jenkins with ease. Steinborn demonstrated a lot of strong man circus stuff and after tossing Jenkins gave an exhibition. He later challenged Daviscourt to a finish match here. Ernie Lynn refereed the bouts.

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