Jones Faces Veteran In Romano

Washington Post – December 9, 1931

Five mat bouts of the less publicized, but invariably more sincere type, make up tomorrow night’s weekly rasslefest at the Washington Auditorium. With the possible exception of George Kotsonaros, none of the boys showing tomorrow night are headed any particular place in the bone-bending profession, but are good journeymen matsters, willing to take and give all sorts of excruciating holts and not a few clips on the ebeneezer.

The five exhibitions are officially headed by a bout between a large gentleman from Texas, by name, Paul Jones. His rival is rare old Mike Romano, a hoary veteran of the mat, and still claimant of the “Eye-talian” championship, serenely unaware of the existence of George Calza, Gino Garibadli and Renato Gardini.

Both boys work very hard. Romano is a good, all-around rassler, with no particular ability in any one department of the game, excepting his knack of looking deeply hurt and sorely embarrassed when an opponent resorts to anything but conscientious wrestling. Jones started on the way to some wrestling renown by beating Joe Stecher about three years ago wth Joe’s favorite hold, a body scissors. To Jones’ credit, it can be said that he gave Jim Londos the only real battle he has ever had here.

George Kotsonaros used to be a fairly well-known wrestler. Then the movie producers began to glorify the great American gangster, and George’s mug was just too precious to leave in the ring. He was hauled to Hollywood and did some mighty nice dirty work for the cameras before the tide of moviedom switched to more legitimate fields.

Now he is back and has not lost a match in months and months. They’re tossing him in with better boys right along. He tossed Sandor Szabo in Philadelphia last week. He meets a tough guy in Joe Cox tomorrow night. It probably will be the feature.

Jim McNamara, Washington’s only professional rassler, makes his second appearance here, meeting a venerable proponent of the sport in Sgt. Reynolds. Other bouts bring back Matros Kirilenko, who meets Leon Smith, and Herbie Freeman, who tackles Jean Ledoux.

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