Brown Arrives Fit And Ready

El Paso Herald – May 25, 1920

Meets Henry Irslinger Tonight

PET BROWN, until lately retired middleweight wrestling champion of the world arrived in El Paso Monday night from his home in Cisco, Texas, fit and ready to meet Henry Irslinger, of Atlantic City tonight in a titular match, best two falls out of three, no time limit at Liberty hall.

Pet Is Looking Good.

Jubilant over his victory over Charles Rentrop at Houston about two weeks ago, Pet looks fit as a fiddle and seems every inch a champion of his division.  Monday evening he was host to a large number of his El Paso friends who called at his suite in the Paso Del Norte to welcome him to the city and wish him good luck in his meeting with Irslinger.  His rooms, in the version of manager Johnny McIntosh “resembled a political convention” so anxious were his friends to see him here.

Dave Williams, of El Paso, an old friend of Pet’s was one of the local fans who assisted in the welcome of Brown to the city.

After congratulating Pet on his comeback Williams asserted that the Texas star looked even better than on the last occasion when he saw him in the ring.  Brown threw him in the ring.  Brown threw ten men in one hour on that night and as he is looking as good and even better than he did then he should not have any trouble tonight although he considers Irslinger one of the best of his weight in the world.

Here Is The Card.

Monday night business manager McIntosh announced the complete card for tonight as follows:

Henry Irslinger versus Pet Brown, best two falls out of three, no time limit.

“Boxcar” Johns, versus Alfredo Jiminez, best two out of three falls, 30 minute time limit.

Referee, Lieut. Carl J. Studer.

Announcer, “Col.” Billy Rogers.

In addition to providing other conveniences manager McIntosh has arranged for the airing of the big hall prior to the match.  He asserted Monday night that it will be as cool as an outdoor arena as all the windows and doors will be open during the contest.

Irslinger finished his light work in preparation for the contest Monday afternoon.  Henry is in great condition and is confident that he will defeat his Texas rival.  “Brown is a good one, about the best in the country of his weight, I believe,” the Atlantic City crack asserted.  “But I believe that I can beat him,” he finished.

Irslinger has made a large number of friends since his arrival here and will be heavily backed when he steps into the arena.

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