Wright Brothers In Grapple Win

Tacoma News Tribune – September 12, 1945

The brothers Wright, Rube and Jim, defeated the soldier duo of Cpl. Louie Thesz and Pvt. Morris Shapiro, both of Fort Lewis, in the tag team bout heading the mat program Tuesday night at the Midway.

Jim, who hefts a trifling 240 pounds, pinned Shapiro with a hammerlock in 29 minutes for the first fall. Rube, who bounces the Fairbanks at 260 pounds, scored over Thesz in nine minutes with a body press.

Some of the fans didn’t care for the tactics of the Wrights and James ran a gauntlet of irate gallerites to reach the dressing room. Rube, a patient soul, waited until the gendarmes arrived and they conducted him safely to the quiet and peace of the dressing quarters.

Chief Little Wolf, 235 pound Navajo, and Seelie Samara, 237-pound Negro, drew in the semifinal, each gaining a fall. The Injun won the first fall in 29:30 with a slam and press, while Seelie took the second in 9:14 with a grand slam.

Jim (Dazzler) Clark, 235 pounder from Kansas, won from Mickey Gavas, 230 pounder from FortLewis, with a back breaker and body press in 14:545. Gavas, a likely looking youngster, was making his pro debut.

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