Costello: Dutch Flips, Chinese Racks

Southern Cross – May 16, 1950

Al Costello, much-travelled Australian wrestler, arrived in Wellington yesterday in readiness for his first match in New Zealand — against Flash Gordon at Wellington Friday night.

Costello, who traveled 80,000 miles during his seven months of wrestling in South Africa, weighs 16st. 8lb. and has a thigh measurement of 28 1/2in. (the same as Bhu Pinder), and a chest measurement of 50in.

During his wrestling in South Africa, Costello twice beat Lou Newman, who had a win over McCready in New Zealand, and several wins over Jannie Van Der Walt, brother of the late John Van Der Walt, whom McCready beat in South Africa in 1938.

Costello, who has a splendid singing voice — in South Africa he was known as the Singing Australian — has recently been wrestling in Australia, where his matches against Joe Campbell and Ted Christie were among the most exciting in Sydney this season.

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