Buddy Rogers Seeks Thesz Title Tonight

Chicago Tribune – January 26, 1951

Lou Thesz will defend his National Wrestling Alliance heavyweight wrestling championship against Buddy Rogers of Camden, N.J., in the main event of promoter Fred Kohler’s mat show tonight in International Amphitheater, 42nd and Halsted Sts. Jack Dempsey will referee the event, which is set for two of three falls with a one hour time limit. Ed (Strangler) Lewis will second Thesz.

The show, which is expected to attract more than 5,000, will be augmented by a midget Australian tag team match, sending Sky Low Low and Tom Thumb against Mighty Fritz and Pee Wee James.

Morris (Mighty Atlas) Shapiro, Brooklyn heavyweight, will be paired with Cyclone Anaya; Hombre Montana with Arthur Van Saxon, and Ramon Cernades with Walter Palmer. Montana and Cernades are recent arrivals from Argentina.

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