‘Angel’ Maurice Tillet to Show Here Saturday Night

The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon – July 27, 1943

French Freak At Local Arena; Twin Main Event

Maurice Tillet, the Frenchman who became a professional wrestler and later replaced the “goblins’ll get you” in questionable child psychology, will be the feature attraction at the Pearl Street arena Saturday night, according to a definite announcement made Tuesday by Matchmaker Don Owen.

Tillet, the 280-pound ex-French sailor who was exploited after being discovered in Mongolia, is considered the strongest man alive for his size – five-foot-eight.  Scientists at Harvard University studied the “Angel,” as he is known in wrestling circles, and declared him the closest thing to Neanderthal man although he was not “brought back alive” by Frank Buck.

The Angel will appear against the best and heaviest opponent Matchmaker Don Owen can find and his match will be part of a double main-event which will feature a skirmish between two “midgets” – light-heavyweights of about 100 pounds lighter than Tillet.

The Frenchman is making his first tour of the Pacific northwest and will appear in every large city, from Eugene to Vancouver, B.C.  He has “played” to sell-out houses throughout the United States and an amazing number of reservations have already been made at the Club cigar store despite the advance in ticket prices.

Matchmaker Owen has announced he will be forced to charge $1.65 for reserved and $1.10 for general admission tickets besides cutting out the pass list in order to meet the unusually large guarantee demanded by Tillet’s manager.

The remainder of the card will be announced later in the week.

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