Action Provided By Midget Grapplers At Fairgrounds

Kelso Kelsonian-Tribune – November 1, 1951

The mighty midgets put in their appearance Monday night (Oct. 29) at Fairgrounds Arena, giving fans a slam-bang, action-packed show. The colorful, pint-sized athletes staged a tag team match, winners being Sky Low Low and Vito Gonzales. They were pitted against Pee Wee James and Sallie Halassie.

Fans enjoyed every moment of this match, which gave the appearance of being a burlesque on wrestling in general. The little fellows were very earnest about it all, however, making use of all the tricks of the trade used by their full-sized counterparts.

Sky Low Low and Gonzales were the villains of the match, flailing away violently at their adversaries. Along with James and Halassie, they gave plenty of action, really mixing it up, both inside and outside of the ring.

In the semi-windup event, Kurt Von Poppenheim and Luigi Macera battled to a draw, each garnering one fall. The Prussian ruffian took the first fall by using his very effective back stretcher hold, which followed a back breaker, forcing Macera to submit.

Macera, from Canada, came back to take the second fall from Von Poppenheim. Using a shoulder butt to first bowl over the German grappler, Macera again knocked him to the mat with a flying drop kick, applying a body press for the necessary count of three. Time was called before either matman grabbed an additional fall. This was another rough, tough match, with both grapplers dishing out plenty of action.

The opening match pitted Jack O’Reilly against a newcomer to the local arena, Jack Britton of Detroit. O’Reilly garnered the only fall from the transplanted French Canadian, using a leg strangle and toe hold. This match also provided plenty of ring mayhem, both grapplers dishing out plenty of punishment before time was called.

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