World’s Largest Twins Wrestle For A Living

The Free Lance-Star – June 14, 1973

ORILLA, Ont. (AP) – What weighs more than 1,400 pounds, has four legs, four wheels and attracts stares?

The McGuire twins on their motorcycles.

Billy and Benny are identical twins, the only difference between them, if it can be noticed, is that Billy weighs 700 pounds, his brother 720.

Born in Hendersonville, N.C., the McGuires are the world’s largest identical twins, according to the Guinness Book of Records, where they’ve been entered as such for the last five years.

Billy and Benny are professional wrestlers who spend six months of the year in Montreal and six in the United States.

Wrestling as a tag team as amateurs, the brothers weighed in at about 400 pounds each and were undefeated.

They’re now making a name for themselves on the pro circuit.  They do it with some of their own methods, the locomotive play or the squeeze play.

Describing the way they operate in the ring, the brothers said – you guessed it – they use their weight.

Here’s how:

First, they can use their opponent as a ping-pong ball, bouncing him back and forth between them.  Then there’s the aptly-named “squeeze play” in which Billy pushes one way and Benny the other way, with the opponent in between, of course.

The “locomotive smash” comes when one brother holds the opponent and the other charges and rams him.

But they can’t live by wrestling along; they need food.

A typical breakfast includes a dozen eggs, two or three pounds of bacon, a loaf of toast and half a gallon of tea.  Each!

The 26-year-old brothers have 84-inch waists and it takes seven yards of cloth for a pair of pants.  A shirt takes six yards.

The boys, who are married to Canadian girls, don’t have special motorcycles, but their cars need heavy-duty suspensions.

Motels present a problem.

“Lots of time they won’t let us stay the night,” said Billy.  “Sometimes they ask us for a deposit to cover the price of the bed.”

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