Rossi Subdues Hultz; McGuire Twins Win

Florence Times — Tri-Cities Daily – November 10, 1972

Len Rossi defeated George Hultz, the McGuire twins won over the Blitzer and Jimmy Kent, and Frankie Lane downed the Blitzer in wrestling action Thursday night at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum.

In the main event, Rossie won the first fall over Hultz by use of his famous ‘Sleeper Hold’.  However, Hultz tied the match by using a Bear Hug to win the second fall.

The last fall brawl ended after Rossi finally subdued Hultz to take the match.  However, after the referee had raised the hand of Rossi as winner, Hultz pulled a chain from his tights.  Rossi managed to wrestle the chain from him and forced him to leave the ring.

Billy and Benny McGuire used their brute size and strength in defeating the Blitzer and Jimmy Kent.  The pair, the largest wrestling twins in the world, took two straight falls to win the match.  The combined weight of Billy and Benny is 1,300 pounds.

Wrestling manager Sam Bass failed to appear for his match with Frankie Lane and the Blitzer wrestled in his place.  Lane appeared to have the upper hand in the first fall but the Blitzer used some foreign object to gain the fall.  Lane won the second with the famous ‘Bulldog’.

The third and deciding fall was awarded to Lane after the Blitzer used a foreign object on Lane and threw him over the top ropes for an automatic disqualification.

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