Kirby, Hayes Meet McGuire Twins

St. Joseph Gazette – October 19, 1973

Natureboy Kirby and Lord Alfred Hayes will be at the defense of their National Wrestling Alliance world tag team championship again tonight in the Auditorium ring.

The two free-swinging grapplers will meet an unusual pair of challengers – 600 pounders Billy and Benny McGuire, wrestling twins from Hendersonville, N.C.

The sheer heft of the two indicates an evening of strain for Kirby and his partner.

The champions have put down two recent threats to their tag crown, turning back the teams of Mike George and Jim Brunzell, and Danny Little Bear and Harley Race.

George and Brunzell will be in action in a second feature tonight, going opposite Bob Brown and newcomer Kurt Steiger.

Brown is back in control of the Central States title, having beaten Harley Race last week in Kansas City, Kan.  George defeated Brown in one-fall action last Friday night.

Another hefty, Man Mountain Mike, will be in tonight’s lineup.  The 560-pounder is pitted against powerful Bob Orton.  Little Bear will try his skills against Korea’s Yashahira, a 220-pounder who’ll be making his local ring debut.

Matched in the 8:30 opener are Brunzell and Steiger.

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