Noted Wrestlers

Omaha Daily Republican – June 29, 1886

Greek George and Antoine Pierre Behind the Bars.

Two well known wrestlers, Greek George and Antoine Pierre, are prisoners in the central station awaiting the arrival of Denver officers, at whose instance the men were arrested Sunday morning as they stepped from an incoming Denver train.

What they are held for is unknown to the men.  They profess supreme ignorance as to any crime committed, and state that they are willing to go back to Denver to clear away any suspicion that may be against them.  During the day it was learned that they were wanted in Denver on the charge of larceny as bailee.  But the general reputation of the men makes this charge doubtful.

Some time ago a match was made between Greek George and Pierre to take place in Denver for $200 a side catch-as-catch-can.  George won this match easily.  A second match was arranged and the men came together.  Each had won a fall in one of the most stubbornly contested battles ever fought.  Harry Maynard, of San Francisco, acted as referee and the fight having lasted until 2 o’clock he declared the match a draw.  This raised a howl of indignation, the men even agreeing to go on.  Another house was fought and Maynard declared that the fight must come off at another time.  Friday night last the match was completed, George winning the third fall after four hours and a quarter hard work.  About $4,000 changed hands on the result and it is thought that the arrest of the men may have something to do with the match of last Friday.

After the match Pierre’s backer refused to help the man any more, and, nearly out of money, he asked George to help him to Chicago, which the Greek agreed to do.  They started Saturday and were arrested in Omaha Sunday morning on advices received by telegram.

Officers will arrive this morning from Denver to take the men back, but on what charge is unknown.

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