Romano’s Death

Newark Star Eagle – June 27, 1936

The death of Mike Romano during a wrestling bout with Jack Donovan in Washington the other night should help convince the customers that the mat racket is a very tough buck, indeed. The shenanigans of the bone-crushers may be very amusing, and they may known in advance that the outcome of each match is going to be. Still the customers aren’t the real suckers.

The chumps are Romano and his kind, who take an unmerciful beating for a few dollars almost every night in the week. Even leather-necked bullet-headed wrestlers risk life and limb when they permit themselves to be tossed out of the ring onto a cement floor, or to have their heads pounded on the thin canvas. First reports on Romano who made a specialty of begging piteously for mercy from the headliners while they twisted and heaved him around the ring, had him dying of a broken neck.

He was only a stooge, but he absorbed more punishment for twenty-five bucks in a thirty-minute bout than Louis took from Schmeling, and the racket finally got him. Well, it was a living…”

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