Plan Gorgeous George Show

Moline Daily Dispatch – January 10, 1950

Gorgeous George, the man who brought wrestling back to the nation’s largest sports arenas and made the mat sport familiar to a vast television audience, will be on display in the Quad Cities on Friday night, January 20, it was announced today.

The Gorgeous One, in all his perfumed finery, will headline a wrestling show to be staged at Wharton Field House under sponsorship of the Quad City Blackhawks, professional basketball team.

“We have no intentions of entering other sports fields regularly,” announced Ben Kerner, executive director of the Blackhawks, “but we had a chance to secure one of the greatest attractions in the sports and entertainment fields, so we took it. It’s a big league venture and something we think Quad City residents will enjoy.”

Thus far no opponent for George has been named, but Kerner said that a top-notch grappler will be secured. A first-class supporting card also will be staged to round out the show, which is expected to attract several thousand persons to the fieldhouse.

G.G., who real name is George Wagner, won fame through a number of spectacular devices, including his butler, who sprays with perfume and disinfectant any area to be occupied by the Gorgeous One. George also flaunts a mop of glamorous blond hair, tastefully arranged by a skilled hairdresser and held in place by his famed “Georgie Pins.”

Besides his headline appearances in the biggest wrestling shows, G.G. has kept himself in the spotlight with his mat antics before television audiences, his appearances as a guest star on radio programs with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Jack Benny and other celebrities of the air waves.

But, despite the fact that he is unusual and unorthodox in his manners, Gorgeous George is said to be primarily a powerful, highly trained athlete. He is one of the mat sport’s finest performers, a rugged, hard-hitting wrestling machine.

Tickets for the show are being sold at the Blackhawks’ office, 423 Seventeenth street, Rock Island, and other regular Blackhawk ticket agencies.

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